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Does Carr’s new deal hurt Raiders?

by Fernando Ramirez (@RealFRamirez)


The embarrassing 1-15, 2-14, or 5-11 record is over for the Oakland Raiders thanks to their new $125 million quarterback Derek Carr.


"We figured out a way to do it so that we have the opportunity to sign the other guys that I think are important to this organization," Carr said. "That was really important to me. Not to just take every single dime that we could. I hope that that's known.”


Since being drafted in 2014 in the second round Carr brought a new attitude to the Raiders and the NFL. Since his 3-13 rookie year record Carr has turned it around and even took the Raiders to the playoffs, but unfortunately he suffered a broken fibula during his week 16 victory over the Colts.



According to Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area, Carr spread out his bonus money over two years for the team to be able to pay guard Gabe Jackson to a new deal. Carr believes that his contract will not tie down the Raiders financially, but when a team pays a quarterback that much money it usually means they can’t re-sign their own or sign free agents.


At the same time, I told [my agent], if we can structure it in a way to help the Raiders get the other guys, give them an opportunity to come in, that that would be really important to me too."


Carr’s contract is indicative of two things; one is that quarterbacks like Washington’s Kirk Cousins is ready to ink that new deal and two is the Raiders will now be tied down in money. The Raiders still have two players waiting for new deals in superstar defensive end Kahlil Mack and wide receiver Amari Cooper.


The Raiders do have a little bit north of $17 million, but that won’t be enough to do everything, so maybe Carr down the line can pull a Tom Brady and restructure his contract because the Raiders are a young team that’s ready to bust down the door and let the NFL know they are ready to once again be Committed to Excellence.