Photo Cred: LA Times


Donovan Mitchell was a star before winning the Slam Dunk contest


By Tamara† Latta (@tamaralatta)


If you didnít know who Donovan Mitchell was before he won the 2018 Slam Dunk contest- you will now recognize his face and name every time you see it.


For the past month, Mitchell has made success look very uncomplicated. He won the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk contest emulating Vince Carter, jumping over his sister and comedian Kevin Hart to display a flashy dunk and eliminating Larry Nance Jr., in the final round.


ďGrowing up I was a big dunker, Mitchell said. I really wasnít much of a basketball player. I jut dunked and played defense, and watched a lot of Vineís videos. Iíve been seeing what heís been doing all year at his age, which is incredible.Ē


Dunking isnít the only thing this talented kid can do. But with teams like the Warriors, Thunder and Rockets in the west- itís quite easy to overlook what the Utah Jazz has been doing. On the other hand, Mitchell has been causing so much ruckus lately, itís hard look over his skills.


Mitchell has done a magnificent job of making his presence known this year after Gordon Hayward vanished from the Jazz to join the Boston Celtics. Since Gordonís departure- Mitchell has helped his team sustain an 11-game winning streak- which has put him in the forefront of securing the Rookie of the season award at the moment.


ďOne thing about our team is you canít tell if weíre on an 11-game winning streak or 11-game losing streak, Mitchell said. Weíre always happy. Weíre always happy to be around each other and thatís not always the case in the NBA, I am starting to figure out.Ē


If Mitchell continues to impress the onlookers around the NBA, donít expect the Slam Dunk trophy to be his last accolade.


In fact, numbers donít lie. Through 55 games, heís putting up unbelievable numbers. Mitchell is averaging 19.6 points, 3.5 assists, 3.5 rebounds and 1.5 seals per game.