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Bosa and Ingram thriving in Bolts defense

by Fernando Ramirez (@RealFRamirez)



Times have been changing with the Los Angeles Chargers. New city. New coaching staff. New superstars. For the past 13 seasons the team was all about the quarterback Philip Rivers. How he would carry team to victories. The Chargers have not had a good

defense since 2009, but now things are changing.


The Chargers defense is starting to get better and that is because of their defensive

ends Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram.


Melvin Ingram was drafted in 2012 by the Chargers, but had a subpar rookie year. In

his sophomore season he tore his ACL in May, but was able to comeback by


November and helped the Chargers win a playoff game versus the Bengals in

Cincinnati. The last two seasons he has improved his game, he has sacked the

quarterback 18.5 times, but this year he has been different. In the offseason he

signed a new 4-year $66 million contract. This season he is second in the NFL with

7.5 sacks almost totaling his 2016 sack total of eight.


Mel (Ingram) has been great for us,” said head coach Anthony Lynn, He has been

disrupting the opposing offense all season.”


The Chargers drafted the man on the opposite side of Ingram on the defensive side

of the field, Joey Bosa, in 2016, but things started out ugly as he dealt with a contract

dispute. Once that was taken care of Bosa has hampered with a hamstring injury. He

debuted almost a year ago in Oakland against the rival Raiders. Bosa showed why he

was the third overall pick sacking Raiders quarterback Derek Carr twice. Bosa has

been a wrecking ball ever since sacking the quarterback 15 times in 17 games.


Its pretty exciting to go back a year later,” said Bosa, I was in the ice tub and

[Brandon] Mebane turns to me and says ‘Joey enjoy this cause your career goes by



During Sunday’s win the Chargers lined up Bosa and Ingram on the same side quiet

a few times and it was working. Both wrecked havoc on Giants quarterback Eli

Manning sacking him four times between them.


I LOVE IT,” screamed out Ingram when asked about his thoughts on him and Bosa

lining up on the same side.


The Bolts defense has been keeping the team in games all season long and will

look to continue to do that because the season is far from over. Even though the

team finds itself in a 1-4 hole they could climb out of it. They will just need the

offense to keep scoring points and not turn the ball over. The defense to wreck

havoc on opposing quarterbacks and make them turn the ball over. It’s a long road

ahead, but that’s the beautiful thing about Sunday’s anything can happen.